The second day of the Orientation Seminar has come to a close
News / 28 November 2021

The second day of the Orientation Seminar has come to a close

November 28 was the second day of the Orientation Seminar for the Finalists of the Open International Competition for development of an architectural concept for the Galiasgar Kamal Tatar State Academy Theatre.

As part of the second day, the Finalists attended the “Identity and Modernity” guided tour, accompanied by Maria Leontieva, co-founder of the Tamga Institute for Urban Research and co-author of the Concept of Sustainable Development of the Kazan Historical Settlement, Dina Khabibulina, an employee of the Sh. Marjani Museum, Radif Kashapov, a popularizer of regional ethnography and urban activist, and architects Gulnara Askarova and Marsel Iskandarov. During the guided tour, participants learned about the history of the Staro-Tatarskaya, Sukonnaya and Arkhangelskaya settlements, ways of life and urban culture. The diverse context, the architecture around the Kaban Lakes and the future transformations near the competition territory show the importance of the future Kamala Theater building for changing the image of the Vakhitovsky district and the cultural agenda of the city. The Finalists also visited the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, and they were impressed by the installation dedicated to the history of Tatar writing and “The Global World of Tatar Literature” exhibition.

A talk show “Kamala Theatre in 2056” was held, with the participation of Ilfir Yakupov, Director of the Kamala Theatre, Farid Bikchantaev, Chief Stage Director of the Kamala Theatre, and Sergey Skomorokhov, Chief Artist of the Kamala Theatre. The show was moderated by Alexander Ostrogorsky, theater of architecture at MARCH School of Architecture. The discussion addressed the cultural context of the Kamal Theater, its intellectual and creative history and what it offers to modern audiences, as well as the traditions of Turkic theatre, iconic plays, and contemporary visual culture.

The final event of the two-day Orientation Seminar was a visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan and the screening of “Juha” fashion film, with commentary by author Tanya Chernoguzova.